Little compares to the energy and dance-ability of classic rock.  Which is why a nite with Crosstown Bus promises a packed dance floor and a not-to-be forgotten party. The Bus, one of Canada’s premiere rock acts of the late 60’s and early 70’s, has staged a triumphant return.


Originally formed in Nelson B.C., the band signed an exclusive management contract with super-manager Bruce Allen which led to a recording contract with M.C.A. Records. Their first album, “High Grass”, produced by David Foster and Tom Northcott, was released in 1972 and featured two singles, “Rochester River” and the hit “High Grass”.


The Bus, successfully toured the club and concert circuits throughout North America, and in addition, played with such rock luminaries as B.T.O., Billy Preston, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, the Chambers Brothers, Tom Northcott and more.


In 1974, with the music scene undergoing enormous change and live venues disappearing, the band decided it was time to pursue other careers and announced their break-up.


…….. Fast forward thirty years to October 2004 when original Crosstown Bus members Jeff Boyne and Brian Anderson re-connected with former Mark IV band-mate and rock drummer Rick Gannon, and the multi-talented singer/keyboardist Deidre Lacroix.

Following a get re-aquainted dinner, the group slipped out to Boyne’s home studio – the Bus Depot – to see if there was any gas left in the tank, and well, the rest is history. The chemistry between the four was felt immediately and Crosstown Bus was fuelled up once again.


Seven months of rehearsals honed the Bus’ legendary soaring vocals, intricate harmonies and driving rock and roll sound. And not just for a trip down memory lane. Crosstown Bus, true to it’s tradition, is   determined to keep things cutting edge. The group re-works classic rock songs from the 60’s and 70’s, performs current rock classics.


In April 2005 Crosstown Bus went “live” for the first time in over thirty years. It’s been going non-stop playing to packed venues ever since and is diligently recording it’s new original material as well as some older favorites, done as only Crosstown Bus can do them.


With its universal sound, Crosstown Bus has broad appeal. People young and old hit the dance floor from the first note, sing along with the classics, and yes, dance ‘til the lights go up.


Crosstown Bus, adaptable to large and small venues is a highly professional rock band that delivers chilling harmonies, memory–stirring sets and infectious dance tunes. For a memorable event Crosstown Bus is without compare.



Brian Anderson                          bass guitar, vocals

Jeff Boyne                                 lead guitar, lead vocals

Rick Gannon                             drums

Deidre La Croix                          keyboards, hammond organ, lead vocals





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