Jeff Boyne

I was born in December of '49 in Russell Manitoba. It wasn't until I was 12 years old that, I realized the whole world doesn't have WINTERS LIKE THIS!

It was during one of those long cold winters that I stood in front of the stage at the Airways Community Center in Winnipeg and heard Chad Allen and The Expressions with Randy Bachman on guitar. circa 1963.

That was it. I knew from that moment on, that although I liked playing hockey, my body shape and size were better designed for Rock and Roll. We moved to Penticton in the summer of '63 and it was there that I met Brian Anderson and Rick Gannon. We formed the our first band, Mark IV, in grade 10 and worked the Okanagan area until we graduated from grade 13 in 1968.

Brian and I went on to join the Crosstown Bus in Nelson BC, and in 1969 signed a contract with Bruce Allen Talent Promotion. Bruce was a huge influence on our band. He knew which songs worked and eventually he got us a record deal with MCA Canada. We recorded High Grass with many of Vancouver's best musicians in the studio. David Foster, Robbie King, Tom Northcott, Bruce Fairburn and many others who taught us alot about song writing and recording. In 1974 we disbanded the Bus.

I joined a group from Calgary called Painter. We decided to change the name to Hammersmith and we toured the US with Jethro Tull, Styx and Rod Stewart. In 1975 I went back to school, putting music in the background. Then I met Sean Sheppard in 1985 and we started a writing duo that continues to this day. We both love the influencce of Jazz on Rock.The group TOTO mixed the 2 genres perfectly and are still an influence on us today.

As the new Crosstown Bus, we play a mix of Classic Rock and newer Rock with emphasis on crowd enjoyment. We like to see everyone dancing and just Rockin' with us.


I use 2 different amps with a Lehle switch that allows me to use 1 or both amps together. I love my SOLDANO Hot Rod 50 for warm tube distortion. The PEAVEY Stereo Chorus 400 from 1983 gives a very cranky, edgey Rock sound. The Ernie Ball volume pedal gives me total control of the dynamics.
I use a 1980'S ROLAND SRE 555 tape delay with the Soldano for effect and a Ernie Ball wah with both amps.


Larrivee electric 1985
Paul Reed Smith - Custom 24 - 2005
Gibson ES335 - 2004

Godin Multiac Nylon with Genz Benz acoustic amp

Takamine - TNV460SC

Jeff Boyne- Circa 1969


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