Deidre Lacroix

I was born May 19, 1965 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, daughter to Art & Gail Pfeifer, a musical bus driver and stay at home mom.  I remember the cold winters and riding my father's BUS just to keep warm. My love of music comes from my father, who played the guitar. My father was a natural talent. Johnny Cash & Elvis, Louis Armstrong, Willie Nelson and Chet Atkins were early influences.  I've been told I sang before I could talk, often entertaining strangers on my dad's BUS. My relatives were  into all of the rock music of the day and they played their 45's ( round plastic things ) filling my head with The Beatles, The Who among others. They introduced me to musicals at Rainbow Stage where my love of music and theater blossomed.  I started singing in choirs at age 5 and playing the piano at age 8 and involved with choral singing and drama throughout my school years. Later I did some acting under the watchful eye of my friend and mentor, the late Merv Camponi (director and writer of the Beachcombers who later discovered Michael J. Fox).  Although my passion was acting and singing, I also felt a strong calling to be of service to people and chose to pursue a career in nursing.  I specialized in psychiatry and have worked in health care since 1985. My passion for music continued and I auditioned and sang alto, 6 seasons with the Handel Society and the Vancouver Opera Orchestra under the baton of Carl Ten Hoop and later Johan Louershiemer. I later went on to sing for 6 seasons with a choral group, The Lyric Singers, a small women's chorus, specializing in medieval thru to modern jazz.  Despite my classical music background, my love for rock & roll never died and I felt like there was some energy missing. I met Brian Anderson and started song writing with him.  That was 2003 and we have been writing, playing and singing together ever since.  In 2007 I was asked to join the "Crosstown BUS" as a vocalist and keyboard player. Everything just "clicked" and now I'm singing on the BUS again ..... funny how things work out.

I use a Hammond A100 organ ( 1965 ) with a Leslie speaker ( when we can haul it into the venue ) A custom made foot volume control.

Also for keyboards I use a Roland RD1000 ( 1989 ) with an AKAI S5000 sampler.

Samples: Fazioli Grand, Wurlitzer, Classic Strings etc. 

I have a Yamaha Motif and a Hammond T100 for home practise.



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